Wednesday 31 October 2012

Pumpkin King

Well happy Halloweener everyone! Tonight's the night when all the dead rise and feast on the living and we celebrate by scaring the shit out of each other, only eat fruit dipped in caramel, get drunk and dress in costumes for 15 minutes before taking them off and discarding them due to discomfort. Here's a little bonus comic just for the occasion. When i was going up we carved turnips which are hard as rocks and smell and taste awful. You pretty much needed an adult to do it for you because cutting holes in the turnip or scooping it out was near impossible. This is why they only ever had triangles for eyes and a crappy little grimace. Now we carve pumpkins like the americans and can pretty much carve whatever we like, easy as pumpkin pie. Sometimes I wish we still carved turnips as this required much more skill and dedication. It was also more likely end in a lost finger, a blood soaked vegetable and a Halloween trip to the emergency room.

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