Monday 30 December 2013

Hungry Hungry Hunger Games

The hunger games was kinda good. I'll catch the second one on Netflix or something. What would have improved it though would have been some hungry hungry battle hippos like battle cat from masters of the universe. As you can see from the above picture it looks like a lot of fun. I've included a prawn from the movie district 9 because who doesn't want to see one of those guys riding a teal battle hippo? Communists, that's who and I'm sure as he'll not one of those!

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Home Alone

Merry Christmas everyone! Home Alone's great isn't it? I mean its terrifyingly violent for a kids move and much more imitate-able than say Call of Duty or something like that. You can't get a hold of explosives or assault rifles that easily but toy cars, string, paint pots, nails? You can create quite the assault course for mummy and daddy when they try and put you to bed. I saw the tail end of Home alone 4 the other day and it was just awful. Instead of just getting a new kid and family and having the same 'kid vs crooks' set up that was the heart of franchise. They felt the need to call the new kid 'Kevin McCallister' even though he looks nothing like him and continue on the story. His parents are split up now and he's staying with his 'Mom' for Christmas. Marv returns for some reason with a female accomplice this time and 'hilarity' ensues in a house twice the size of the mansion from the first movie. Marv is played by Harry from 'Third rock from the sun' (the one with his eyes closed the whole time) and the whole thing plays out like some sort of nightmarish cartoon complete with scooby doo revolving bookcase gag. So if you want to watch some Home Alone when you're home alone this christmas stick to the first 2. Goodnight everyone and remember to drink your ovaltine.

Monday 9 December 2013


Isn't it weird that Mohammad has the word 'Ham' in it? I thought so even if you didn't. I'm not allowed to tell you if that IS the real Mohammad or not. He could be. Maybe he isn't. If he is then fundamentalists have just cause to butcher me and torch my flesh. If not, then I'm allowed to draw him. What if I did a drawing of him and just drew his clothes because he drank an invisibility potion? It's not a drawing really as you cant see him but I know he's there. wearing those clothes. I'm confused with this whole set up. I'm just going to go draw Moses as that's less hassle.  Enjoy your day.

P.S. If Moses and Mohammad set up a business they could call it Prophets for Profit.

Monday 2 December 2013


Harry Houdini  had a trick where he would take any punch and it wouldn't affect him. Some dudes found him before his show and punched him a load of time before he could tense up ( he agreed to the punching, they didn't ambush him). He carried on with his show that night and then died of a burst appendix. The moral of this tale? If you're not well, don't go to work.  Also no matter what Hagrid from Harry Potter says, you are not a wizard.