Monday 28 October 2013

The Invisible Man

Happy Halloween. I hope you're all dressing up as pumpkins and things. I'll be dressing up as a turnip in honour of the olden days when we carved turnips instead of pumpkins because we didn't get pumpkins over here or something. Have you ever tried to carve a turnip? Not only is it difficult but its dangerous as hell as it resists a lot more than the pumpkin and 9 times out of 10 the knife slips and things get a little more colourful and a lot more Halloween like.

Monday 21 October 2013


Yoda has a shameful deal with vodaphone so it's only right that Admiral Ackbar has whored himself to Star-Bucks (star-bucks star-wars get it? huh? I'm hilarious). Admiral Ackbar is one of my favourite star-wars creatures as he's a giant lobster. A GIANT LOBSTER! And not only is he a giant lobster, he has managed to rise through the ranks and become an admiral! People said it couldn't be done, people said the galaxy wasn't ready for an arthropod admiral, people had their prejudices but now who's laughing. Admiral Ackbar thats who. Laughing with a multimillion alliance credit (space dollars?) deal with Star-Bucks!

Monday 14 October 2013

The Thing

Reed Richards elastic, Johnny is the Human Torch. Sue can disappear from sight and Thing? He just likes to fight. They are the four. Fantastic Four. They're making a new Fantastic Four movie (of course they are) and they're gonna maybe have some black dude as the human torch (of course they are). The internet has a lot to say about this. I'm not sure that I do. Maybe you should go on the internet and see what people are saying? Maybe not. Maybe you're already on the internet reading this. Maybe you should form your own opinion? All I know is that the movie wont be better than John Carpenter's The Thing. That movie is awesome. It has a head with spider legs and Kurt Russell and flamethrowers and snow and a black guy! What more could you want?

Monday 7 October 2013


So theres some new 'Pokemon' game coming out on Saturday and I know a couple of guys going to the launch. Apparently the latest innovation that sets this one apart is the fact that you can move diagonally!
Thats right folks you head me, DIAGONALLY! Sweet jesus nintendo just take my money! Take it!!! Can you imagine walking about not just up the screen and across the screen but diagonally! I'd also like to add that I wish they'd add Bulba-fett as some sort of evolutionary form of Bulbasaur because, well just look how awesome he is. He's 7 to the power of 4 awesome and I don't even know what that means but it sounds pretty awesome. Like I said though who needs GTA V when you have Pokemon X and Y. I bet GTA doesn't even have diagonal movement.