Monday 14 February 2011


Happy Valentines Day everyone! Not much to say about this one but i will direct you to this link below for my free cut out and keep Valentine's Card. Enjoy!

Friday 11 February 2011


Snoopy used to sleep on his dog house a lot. Even in the rain or snow. This was mostly because charlie Brown had murdered his brother Emilio and buried him under the Doghouse. Snoopy saw the whole thing and has been sleeping on the roof ever since to distance himself from the grisly deed. It's all there in the Peanuts Anthology volume II.

Thursday 10 February 2011

Bigger Boat

For some reason I associate 'we're gonna need a bigger boat!' more with the Salsa shark in clerks than with the rubber one in Jaws. They say that if you are attacked by a shark, you should punch it in the nose. This only works though if you have the rest of the jets to back you up. The world of tap and dance is a dangerous place....
Further shark reading:

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Nice Pear

Do pick up lines really work? Will a girl really go home with you if you say the correct combination of cliches and faintly amusing opening lines. Can you really make a connection with someone using recycled jokes instead of your own personality? I would say Yes. With enough WKDs anyone is anyone's and if you didn't contract syphilis, that's a bonus! (If you did, you can at least get yourself on TV by showing your penis to embarrassing bodies. God Bless Television!)

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Allergic Reaction

Someday god willing, we will all be replaced by robots and the world will continue as it is today but with more robots (and less people). They will use their robot minds to clear up this planet that we have so fervently destroyed, they will solve the energy crisis, mend that hole in the ozone layer and most importantly create polar bear sanctuaries in the Arctic. After a while the robots will tire of having to fetch and carry for themselves, so they will start growing humans in tubes and putting them to work. Humans will become so popular that there will be one in every household. Eventually they will become so dependent on us that they wont be able to do anything for themselves. That is when we will strike and take back this world of hours. That's global warming pretty much sorted then.