Friday 24 September 2010

Al Gore-asaurus

This comic doesn’t make a whole lotta sense but I quite liked the drawing of the T-Rex and Mashers decided I should paint the Diplodocus Iron Man style.
People are all getting themselves in a funk about global warming and stuff but the dinosaurs never worried about it and they were in Jurassic Park. I like Jurassic Park, especially the second one which had the giant Stegosaurus in it. If I had a pet dinosaur I would choose a Triceratops or a Stegosaurus. I used to think I would have liked a Velociraptor but they might be difficult to train. They would probably eat my guts while I was still alive like Sam Neill said in JP1. Why’d he have to go and ruin it? Anyway we used to have an ice age and it got warmer so we no longer have an ice age but then ice age 2 came out and it was kinda crappy and then the 3rd one came out and it was worse so I don’t know how to fix the worlds problems but I do know that the image of me hurtling along the motorway on top of a Stegosaurus is pretty awesome, so someone should re-invent dinosaurs.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Assault and Battery

Lucky for him he has a get out of jail free app. Not so luck for her.
I decided to update a few of my apps yesterday and because the interwebs cut off, my phone got stuck in a never ending cycle of trying to download updates. This meant that I couldn’t use any of the apps or stop them trying to update without the internet. So as went into the cinema my phone had 80% charge and as I left it had none. Well done apple, that’s a nice little feature ya got there. Its like some sorta app roulette. Either it works and everything’s awesome or it doesn’t and your phone is dead and you have to use your last 60p to phone for a lift home from the payphone at the train station.
“Hey buddy, how come you’re using a payphone? Don’t you have a mobile like everybody else?” someone would say.
“Oh yes of course, I have one of those fancy Iphones you read about on the television.” I’d reply
“Why don’t you use it then?”
“Um….because the battery’s dead.”
“Didn’t you charge it last night before you went to bed?”
“Of course, but it had to download the latest updates for angry birds and gowalla, I can’t just not download updates because I might have to make important calls later in the day!”
“Well, I ‘spose so, when you put it like that it makes sense.”
“Now I’ll just wait for my lift and listen to my Ipod”
“Doesn’t your Iphone have an Ipod in it?”
“Oh yeah… well I guess I’ll just buy a newspaper to read. I’m sure I had 60p on me somewhere.”

Monday 20 September 2010

Kiss and Make-up

I drew this comic after seeing Kiss in Dublin on the 7th of May. This will give you some idea of the back log of comics I have that are yet to be coloured and posted.
Every one has always made fun of Peter Criss for painting his face like a cat. What people don’t know is that ‘Catman’ was not his first choice. It was 1973 so you could just about get away with that kinda thing but being the shrewd business people that they were they decided against his first choice as they knew that it might be difficult to sell gollywog t-shirts and action figures in the future.

Monday 6 September 2010

Pixie Dust

Another long comic drought eh? I assure you there is no lack of comic geniusness to come just a lack of time lately to colour and post them. I aim to be somewhat more regular with them now that I’m based back in Belfast. This comic has a nice faerie lady who is sprinkling pixie dust on an unsuspecting child. The child did not ask to be set upon by some supernatural entity, flinging pixie dust everywhere, this is an obvious invasion of personal space and tantamount to some form of mythological rape and should be treated as such. 20 years in the slammer!
Also how come no one spells fairy with an ae any more? It’s not often that we get to pair up these 2 alphabetic cousins side by side like this, (there are plenty of ea’s but not so many ae’s) so I think we should kick that pretentious i to the curb with its self important dot and welcome back the Latin ae.

Upon reading up on this for my glorious ae revolution, I find that the ae had its own ligature, where the 2 letters were bonded together like eternal brothers and considered a letter their own right as they are in Norwegian or Icelandic, And that many words (like Faerie) had their ae’s untimely ripped form their very anatomy, for example Archeology used to be Archaeology. But all this is just a very long way of saying, if we spell Faeries correctly then maybe they won’t rape us with pixie dust.