Tuesday 28 May 2019


Everyone ready for Toy Story 4? It's the only thing that pays Tim Allen's mortgage. I couldn't think of a witty name for this one. Waterhole's not great is it? If you look carefully you'll see that I've drawn Woody's Sheriff badge on the wrong side in the second panel. That's why you come here isn't it? These little easter eggs. You could check out the comic on facebook or twitter or instagram but if you want to see me to point out my own short comings you'll have to come to theskeletonblog.com. I'd also like to point out that Andy changed the decor in his room to space stuff once he got got Buzz. Why does this scene take place in a reality where Jessie exists in Andy's room but it's still decorated the way it was at the beginning of Toy Story 1? Why indeed.