Thursday 27 January 2011

Toilet Humour

Well I’m not sure about this one, I liked it when I drew it but now I’m not so sure (as I said before). I like the green walls for some reason though. Yeah let’s focus on the good points of this comic. The green walls are fantastic! If I had to mark the walls out of 10, I’d definitely give them an 8. They lost a point for looking a bit like pea soup and also a point for not having graffiti on them, like real toilet walls. Actually the more I think about it. They aren’t great are they? I seemed to have missed a trick here and not thought of some hilarious graffiti for the walls. I could have drawn penises (is that the correct spelling of penises? I don’t usually have to spell it out, it’s not often I need to use the plural of that particular word) on them or phone numbers (for a good time) or something. So yeah I give them a 5 out of ten. Also why are all the people in my comics bald? Just seems like laziness to me. That hand dryer drawing seems questionable to me too. I don’t trust it….

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Lemon and Vinegar

Here's a terrible drawing I did about lemon and vinegar. It seems that whatever state someone's house is in they always appear with lemon juice and vinegar and rub it all over and it comes up all shiny and new. And smelling of vinegar. And Lemon. This would be the main reason i use kitchen spray and stuff like that.

On a lighter note, I saw the big lady on 'Come Dine With Me' and by the looks of things she pretty much has an alcohol problem. Fix that with your lemon and your vinegar.

Thursday 6 January 2011

The Last Unicorn

For some reason Unicorns have always fascinated me and yet I don't like horses. Maybe its the idea that they don't exist that I like or the fact that it's a horse with a spike. Actually yes, I think that must be it. Animal + spike = awesome. There aren't enough animals with spikes these days. Sure there are plenty with horns but some how that's not as good. Rhino's are pretty good and they have spikes and apart from that (it's really a horn though isn't it?) there's the Narwhal. It has a crazy big spike like a unicorn's, right in the middle of it's head. It's probably the greatest animal living today.