Thursday 27 January 2011

Toilet Humour

Well I’m not sure about this one, I liked it when I drew it but now I’m not so sure (as I said before). I like the green walls for some reason though. Yeah let’s focus on the good points of this comic. The green walls are fantastic! If I had to mark the walls out of 10, I’d definitely give them an 8. They lost a point for looking a bit like pea soup and also a point for not having graffiti on them, like real toilet walls. Actually the more I think about it. They aren’t great are they? I seemed to have missed a trick here and not thought of some hilarious graffiti for the walls. I could have drawn penises (is that the correct spelling of penises? I don’t usually have to spell it out, it’s not often I need to use the plural of that particular word) on them or phone numbers (for a good time) or something. So yeah I give them a 5 out of ten. Also why are all the people in my comics bald? Just seems like laziness to me. That hand dryer drawing seems questionable to me too. I don’t trust it….

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