Monday 24 June 2013

Pretty Fly

I have a dog that looks exactly like Seth Brundle from the fly. Actually that's not true he looks nothing like Jeff Goldblum , he looks like Brundlefly. Both man and fly ceased to exist when they stepped into that tele pod and Brundlefly was born. Something like this must have happened when my dog was born too.

Monday 17 June 2013

Gold Digger

I think the joke with this particular song is that Kanye West is actually implying that said woman IS a gold digger. Kanye West (for the uninitiated) is a hilarious music making creature who has just had a baby with one or possibly all of the Kardashians. Hey also has a new album out called Yeezus which is a combination of the word Jesus and Yeezy (which is one of Kanye's nicknames that nobody uses but himself). I get the impression that he thinks if he uses it enough then it'll catch on. I got word for you Kanye no one ever called Prince 'Symbol'. I reckon he calls his wang Yeenis too.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

God Hates Fags

In the interest of free speech I'm unable to look at the Westboro Baptist Church's website '' on Translink's wifi service so this post is made up of information off wikipedia but I'm sure there's plenty more insane hilarious stuff on their website. They are widely described as a hate group and have been quoted as saying things like

'Jews are the real nazis' and ‘All the nations of the world would soon march on Israel', and that they would be 'led by President Barack Obama’ (who is the Antichrist and in league with Satan and the pope in an unholy trinity btw).

They seem to be absolutely OBSESSED with gays and sodomy and the like, OBSESSED. All I'm saying is that anyone I know who's that preoccupied with homosexual activities is gay themselves. People who like to cook generally aren't anorexic, yeah?

They picket all kinds of things to get media attention, mostly funerals (what god would have wanted).
They picketed Michael Jackson's funeral and recorded an adaptation of 'We are the world' called 'God hates the world'. They must have some fun times eh? Making colourful signs with pictures of men bumming on them, thinking up witty slogans and recording pop songs with offencive lyrics. (I hope the Jackson estate got a cut of any money that made). They seem like an all round bunch of swell guys and gals.

Monday 3 June 2013

An Inconvenient Truth

I have pictures to prove this but the government took them off me. They were turning faeries into liquid and doves into soap. I also have pictures of how they make Lion bars, Caterpillar boots and you don't wanna know how they make Red Bull.