Saturday 26 May 2012

Dinosaur Website

With all this sunny weather I thought I'd post this little number about a dinosaur website as it's in no way related. What would a dinosaur website be like I hear you ask, what would be on there? Well I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say everything! It'd be great! News articles pertaining to dino culture, a velociraptor cookery spot. There'd be pictures of dinosaurs out and about, getting blitzed, having a good time. It'd have horoscopes and an agony aunt page for dino problems. Celeb column with all the goss and pictures of your favourite dinosaurs getting into scrapes and maybe even the odd nip slip. It'd be awesome and you know it, don't listen to those diplodocus.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Let there be light

Not a lot going on in this one. Check out the beard on God though. Thats a pretty sweet beard. This was at the start of the bible so imagine the beard he'd have now! Massive!

Tuesday 1 May 2012


Mario's had quite a few mushrooms in his time, what's that about? Why mushrooms? Why not some more respectable form of vegetable? Carrots that let him see in the dark? Spinach for strength? No, its mushrooms. Green, blue, red etc. Eat mushrooms and crazy shit happens! Come back to life Grow 20 feet tall! Weird business all that, and don't get me started on his adventures through all those pipes.....