Monday 28 March 2011

Jelly Babies

The concept of jelly babies is a strange one. Everyone loves babies but you know they don't taste so great and also even though they're quite small, they still don't fit totally in your mouth. Thus Jelly babies were born! Bite size babies made of sugary jelly! All the fun of eating a real baby without the hassle of dealing with the authorities!

Monday 21 March 2011


Having never seen the film I can only speculate as to what it is like and then draw a picture of how it could be improved. The dress Satan is wearing is from the summer collection and as you can see it looks terrific on his hourglass figure, highlighting his skin tones perfectly. Lucky for him it came in flame retardant pink.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Russian Doll

Russian dolls where made to house the spirits of stillborn children. The smallest represents the child in the womb and as time goes on more are made to show the child as if it had lived and then grown up. Pretty creepy huh? well not really cos I made all that up. they were invented to smuggle drugs, the idea being that you would carry hundreds in boxes with the contraband in only some of the dolls. Customs officials would get bored of looking through each individual doll and just allow them all through.