Friday 24 September 2010

Al Gore-asaurus

This comic doesn’t make a whole lotta sense but I quite liked the drawing of the T-Rex and Mashers decided I should paint the Diplodocus Iron Man style.
People are all getting themselves in a funk about global warming and stuff but the dinosaurs never worried about it and they were in Jurassic Park. I like Jurassic Park, especially the second one which had the giant Stegosaurus in it. If I had a pet dinosaur I would choose a Triceratops or a Stegosaurus. I used to think I would have liked a Velociraptor but they might be difficult to train. They would probably eat my guts while I was still alive like Sam Neill said in JP1. Why’d he have to go and ruin it? Anyway we used to have an ice age and it got warmer so we no longer have an ice age but then ice age 2 came out and it was kinda crappy and then the 3rd one came out and it was worse so I don’t know how to fix the worlds problems but I do know that the image of me hurtling along the motorway on top of a Stegosaurus is pretty awesome, so someone should re-invent dinosaurs.

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