Friday 1 October 2010

Frankenstein's Monster

Yay! Monsters! Man I love these guys. Frankenstein never gave his creation a name, something to do with rejecting his creation. I think this was probably the problem with the poor guy. He must have had some sort of personality disorder; after all he was stitched together from a number of different corpses, given the spark of life and then left without a name. How was he supposed to know who he really was ‘as a person’? The obvious thing to do is go on a murderous rampage so that you can ‘find yourself’ ideally do a bit of traveling while you’re at it. Talk to people of different cultures, see their point of view then rip out their still beating hearts and feast on the gooey insides. That’s what I would do anyway.
While doing a bit of internet snooping I found out that there is actually a castle Frankenstein in Germany and that it pre-dates the writing of Mary Shelly’s novel. Mary Shelly was only 18 when she wrote the book and 19 when it was published. It seems odd to me that someone so young could write a book beyond her years so I can only conclude that since that since the castle exists the story must be true. There is no other logical explanation. It is now our duty to track down the monster and give him a name and a national insurance number. I think you will find that he will integrate seamlessly into society and live a full and happy life.

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