Monday 22 October 2012

Creatures from the White Lagoon

Why do the KKK dress as ghosts? A quick look on Wikipedia tells you that the costumes are to hide their identities and to scare people. They may not be specifically dressed as ghosts but at Halloween their costumes probably get reused as ghost costumes. To try and get people to join their little racist ‘Klub’ the KKK have made it as exciting as possible. They have positions in the organization such as ‘Exalted Cyclops’ and ‘Grand Wizard’. Is it just me or does all the costumes, secret identities, Cyclops and Wizards sound a bit like some sort of fraternity of Super Villans? Has there ever been an issue of Spider-man where he takes down group of Klansmen as they try to lynch Storm, Luke Cage, The Black Panther and The Falcon (pretty much the only black superheroes I can think of)?

Also worth noting is that the Klan have a secret code for communicating. It’s completely genius, fool proof and not even slightly juvenile or retarded. They pretty much just replace the first few letters of every word with ‘KL’. Examples of these ‘code words’ are Klonversation (conversation), Klavern (a cavern or tavern), Klavaliers (cavaliers) and my personal favorite The Kloran (the KKK handbook). The original Kloran was written in 1915 and is made up of the words Koran and the traditional ‘KL’ slapped on the front. There may not have been many Muslims in America in 1915 but I’m guessing now they’re wishing they’d went the name KLible instead……..

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