Monday 15 October 2012


Another horror themed comic for the run up to Halloween.

I remember a few years back I used to go to a club called the 'Limelight' (now imaginatively renamed 'Limelight 2'). Every week they played the same songs to the point where you could pretty much take bets on what song would come up next. They used to love playing the odd theme tune like Ghostbusters and the A-Team. Everyone would leap out of their seats when they started playing one. Everyone knows the ghostbusters theme, everyone loves it! Everyone would rush and pack the dance floor, eager to show the world though dance how much they love 80's TV shows and movies!

Once they got there however the reality would sink in. As they tried to 'bust a groove' to the ghostbusters theme they would realise that you can't dance to most theme tunes. You can't pull off some nifty dance moves to ghostbusters. All you can really do is march in time to the music, dully, for 3 minutes, pausing briefly to tell your friends that you 'ain't afraid of no ghosts'. Slowly but surely after 60 seconds of marching 90% of the people return to their seats and watch the awkward few march in time for the remainder of the song.

And if you think its hard to dance to ghostbusters, try the A-team. You can sing the tune in your head, it sounds exciting doesn't it? Try it on the dance floor, its particularly difficult when the voice over man starts telling you the back story of how they were 'accused of a crime they didn't commit' or whatever. Try dancing to what is essentially an audio book with backing music. So yeah, this comic has a zombie in it. Happy Halloween.

Editors note: I've since been back to the newly refurbished Limelight(2) and it appears theme songs are no longer on the menu. It still smells of armpits and ass though.

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