Friday 1 February 2013

The Good, The Fleg and The Ugly

People said that nothing good came out of 'Fleg Gate'. This however is untrue as the above cartoon came out of it and it looks fantastic! Look at the attention to detail! Black beard's hat even has his own flag on it! How about that eh? The ol' protests and the like about Belfast City Council's decision to only fly the union flag on 'special occasions' was a bit of banter to begin with but now it's just got tiresome. Pirates used to lower their flag to catch ships unawares before boarding and doing their pirate business on the poop deck (robbing the occupants I mean). Maybe we could learn a thing or two from this, maybe not. Maybe we should all design our own individual flags and celebrate our differences! We could fly them on our houses so that people would know if they'd like to pop round. If your flag had Master Chief on it gamers would know that they might like to ring your bell and pop round for some Halo

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