Monday 18 February 2013

Fallible Infallibility

Pope Eggs Benedict XVI resigned as pope the other day due to health reasons. Is this a sign from god that he doesn't like Ratzinger anymore? Maybe Ratzinger thought he was near death and didn't like the idea of being attacked by the little silver hammer?

'On the death of a pope, the Papal Chamberlain must call out his baptismal name three times and tap his head with a silver hammer before he is officially declared dead'

I found that little nugget of information while googling popes on the inter webs. Interesting stuff. I also found this.

'The most popular papal name has been John, which has been taken by 21 popes. Despite that, the most recent Pope John was John XXIII. The two missing numbers were John XVI, an antipope, and John XX, who never existed but was included in a medieval miscount'.

Who the hell is the anti-pope? Is he some kind of Satan worshiping pope or is it more like anti-pasta? I also found out that while Ratzinger doesn't have a driving licence he does hold a helicopter pilot's licence. 

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