Monday 11 February 2013

Sick Joke

Tomorrow is pancake tuesday. The day when we all eat pancakes all day long until we become a pancake. In the olden days we used to just put lemon and sugar on our pancakes but now that America has been invented we put maple syrup on them. We also use the finger as an angry gesture when we used to use 2. These are a couple of examples as to how America is slowly influencing our culture. Soon America will stick a flag in our soil and claim us for their own and no one will stop them as we'll all be too busy eating maple syrup pancakes, calling ladybirds 'ladybugs', wrapping leftovers in 'aloominum' foil and thinking about zeebras as we walk along the 'sidewalk'. Our only hope is that the maple syrup thing is actually a canadian influence and that they will stand and fight with us. It's aboot time they sent those mounties into battle anyway.

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