Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Skeleton Boy at the Olympics: Swimming

Word on the street is that some Chinese teenager beat everyone at swimming the other day. I have a limited knowledge of swimming or indeed any sport so I'm just going to say that she got a gold medal for the 'Froggy Paddle' event. Everyone's up in arms speculating that she's a 'doper' (is dope the best drug to be taken when going swimming anyway?) and has only won because she's obviously on drugs. Her swim was described as 'disturbing' by one onlooker who may or may not have something to do with the 'Swimming and Banana Boating Association of America'. Well all I can say is that she may not be on drugs but she IS definitely a creation of China's aggressive 'Superhuman Olympic Cloning Program for the Promotion of Communisim, th Destruction of Sporting Rivals and the Enslavement of Tibet' or SOCPPCDSRET as it's called for short. (It looks snappier in Chinese writing). I know all this because I saw the 'Made in China' sticker on her foot.

I would also like to add that chinese food is among the most delicious in the world.......excluding dog.


  1. Olympic swimming here :

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