Monday 20 August 2012

Organic Produce

Organic vegetables just sound wrong to me. It makes me think of organs, which is not usually a selling point for vegetables. Penn and Teller did an episode of ‘Bullshit’ on Organic food where they had a tasting stall with 2 plates with some banana on them. One was Organic and one was normal and they were labeled as such. Various people then came over and tried a piece of each and were asked for their thoughts. I can’t remember the actual words they used but the general consensus was that the ‘Organic’ banana was far nicer than the regular one. It was fresher, tastier, had a more ‘banana-y’ flavour. It tasted healthier and the normal one didn’t taste quite up to scratch. So there you have it. In a taste test organic comes out top. It even tastes better and is better for you! End of story!
Editor’s note: Before they began the experiment Penn and Teller cut a regular banana in two and put half on the plate labeled normal and the other half on the plate labeled Organic.

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