Monday, 18 September 2017


The Green Goblin is the worst isn't he? He's just a pure dick. The sinister six went out for dinner and drinks and when they went to split the bill he was all like ' I only had the salad for starters and Marc had 3 beers when I only had a Shandy, I don't see why I should pay for The Scorpion's beers and all your battered mushrooms and cheese sticks'. Doesn't he know how this works? How long has he been a villain? The goal is always to order crispy duck for starters and the 16oz steak for mains so that no matter what, when it comes time to split the bill, you're quids in. Even if you aren't hungry, you might as well go hard or go home.


  1. I love spiderman! Trying to read all the comics and catch up. i agree, i dont know why the green goblin doesnt learn from his mistakes. Thanks for this blog, following you

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