Monday, 11 September 2017

Pesky Kids

Do you think Spider-Man has Spider-Man pyjamas?  I bet he does. So if anyone catches him coming back in at night he can just pretend he's in his pyjamas. Pretty smart when you think about it. There's always been something about Scooby Doo that I thought wan't quite right and I know what it is now. Scooby's not on a lead (leash?). It's not like he's a real good dog all the time and never runs off. He's always running off. Away from ghosts etc. Most places that allow dogs expect you to have them on a lead. Mystery Inc. are really betraying people's trust there.


  1. what an interesting comic this is. to combine two different charenter series is amazing. and pose some great questions that i am sure i will be asking myself at night

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