Monday 3 December 2012

The Socialist Network

On the last day of November had a Movember pub quiz in the Hudson Bar. This was mostly for testicular cancer (not for, against really) but also to undo some of the damage that has been done to the humble nose trophy by dictators and the like over the years.
Charlie Chaplin had a toothbrush moustache before Hitler did but it's known as a Hitler Moustache and not a Chaplin one. Stalin had a big ol' handlebar moustache too, making the world a dangerous place for those sans facial hair. So the Movember shenanigans, where men grow moustaches and women draw them on for the month of November, is a charity event to prevent ball cancer and promote the decoration of one's upper lip with a bit of facial tinsel pre Christmas. Sounds like a worthwhile endeavour to me.

While researching this comic I came across a question on yahoo answers that gave me pause for thought....

'Why did Lenin hate Stalin?'

And the most helpful answer as voted by 100% the public?

'Because Stalin made an abusive phone call to Lenin's wife.'

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