Monday 17 December 2012

Secret Ingredients

Another Monday, another comic. The other day I was on the train and overheard some 15 year olds waxing philosophical on all kinds of topics. They talked about how the government 'didn't want to legalise pot because they couldn't tax it'. They said 'you can tax booze and fegs' as you 'can't make them yourself at home'. As they continued with their intellectual debate, they decided to try and create the perfect woman. 'Pixie lat's legs' (I take it they mean Pixie Lott), 'Rihanna's bady' (body) and 'Be-yancy's arse' (Beyonce?). Quite the woman I'm sure you'll agree, although what worries me is that they have no plans for giving her any arms or head. Creepy. I've added a mockup I did of what it might look like....i think they might be on to something......

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