Monday 9 July 2012

Game of Game of Thrones

Well Now that Game of Thrones season 2 is over there's not a lot going on of a Monday night. I was expecting Ned Stark to return to the series atop a fire engine riding through the gates of hell, but alas they decided to stay more faithful to the books. My favourite character is Peter Dinklage's Tyron Lannister. Not because he's a midget but because he's a dwarf, (they didn't have midgets back then or wherever it's set). Well I hope you like the comic, I'll leave you with a little factoid though. Whilst Sean Bean played Ned Stark in the TV show, in the book he was played by Michael Palin! Bizarre!
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  1. It scares me that you refer to it as back then. Like you believe this to be history.