Monday 23 July 2012

Floor Spiders

Ok folks it's time for some spider facts!
1. Spiders are the number one food source for orphaned children in New South Wales
2. Lesbians are immune to spider bites. No matter how many bites they get, they won't even notice. This doesn't stop them being afraid of them.
3. The biggest spiders in the world are found in the Antarctic and feed mostly on penguin eggs.
4. The giant spider 'Shelob' (click for video) from Lord of the Rings is the same one that lives in my shed.
5. The forrest dwelling spiders in the Harry Potter movies are played by the same spiders from Arachnophobia.
6. Jeff Daniels auditioned for the spider in the TV adaptation of Charlotte's web.
7. A house spider's favourite biscuit is the Hobnob. Money spiders prefer Viscounts.
8. Spider-man is a fictional character and is not actually a spider.

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