Monday 23 September 2013

Wreck-it Miley

I saw that Miley Cyrus video for wrecking ball the other day. Holy crap Miley has really gone full retard. Seems she has a burning desire to remind everyone all of the time that she has boobies and isn't a little girl any more. 'Hey everyone did you see my nipples in Hanna Montana? No? Well you can now! I'm a big girl and that means reminding everyone by pointing foam fingers at peoples penis's at awards shows and sticking my tongue out! I can also preform oral stimulation on a sledge hammer! Look at me now! I'm naked on a Wrecking Ball! That's the name of of the song! I'm so vulnerable and sad because I'm crying and now I'm naked. Did I mention I was naked? Oh and also I'm a big girl now! I can go pee pee by myself.'

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