Monday 8 April 2013


Not my most specific of drawings this one. The penguin thing is pretty much a blue triangle but what's wrong with blue triangles eh? As I type this there is a kid on the train about 10 years old who's rhyming off facts and figures about Carrickfergus and it's castle. 'There's Carrick Castle! It was built round a well in Norman times!' For some reason this is annoying me. He's being precocious and he needs a slap. No one asked for his facts and figures, he's just spouting them so he can feel all grown up and smart. I'm all grown up and smart and it didn't do me any good so someone give that kid a beer and a couple of Jagerbombs and maybe he'll puke up all those useless smarts and he can feel the hangover tomorrow like a real man.

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