Tuesday 9 November 2010

Harbor Master

If would like to lose your job by wasting all your work hours playing a computer game then you may be interested in some of these:
Harbor Master? Lose your job as a harbor master by playing ‘Harbor Master!’
Are you a farmer? Play ‘Farmville’ all day while letting your real crops wilt and your livestock starve!
Musician? Don’t practice on a real guitar, push the 4 coloured buttons in time to the music like a toddler, with ‘Rock band!’
Plumber? Who needs to learn a trade when you can eat mushrooms and jump through pipes with ‘Mario!’
Paranormal Investigator? Give up your day job Derek, who needs Yvette Fielding when you can hunt ghosts with ‘Pac-Man!’
Pigeon fancier? (not sure how much of a job this one is) play ‘Angry birds' and fling birds at pigs!
Unemployed? Enjoy the thrills of looking for a job without actually having to get a job with ‘The Sims!’
Ok so maybe I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of those but still you get my point don’t you?
P.S. Scraping the barrel? Why not throw barrels instead by playing Donkey Kong!!!

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