Tuesday 6 July 2010

Have a Heart

Hey everyone! It's Mung the zombie chum! And what a zombie chum he is too. My Brother, Girlfriend and I were in a zombie film once. George Clarke's home grown zombie movie 'The Knackery', which was filmed on a shoestring budget of £0.00. I had the enviable task of chewing a co star's ear off. Nom! You can see a trailer here (I'm not in the trailer more's the pity) and rent it from love film here.

Before I go I'll leave you with this amazing 1 star review from 'Peter Atkinson from North East'. North East of where we will never know... seems he may have been expecting some sort of 28 days later type affair what with a cast, choreography, a location, music and a budget.

"This has been given 1 star because I cannot give it zero. This is absolute garbage. The acting is wooden and the soundtrack appears to have been recorded on the kind of microphone that picks up every sound, in one scene you can even hear the ticking from the clock on the wall. As for the special effects, forget it, the blood looks like coloured water. Fight scenes, oh please, I have seen better in a playground. The reviewers that have given this 5 stars must be very easily pleased. I seriously urge you not to waste you time and money with this."

I'm proud to say I played a small part in ruining that guy's night....

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  1. Loved the comic and the writing what you done at the bottom is funny too. I laughs.