Monday, 10 May 2010


Apparently acupuncture isn't even a real thing but cactus are, so that's good. Cactus remind me of Mexico and burritos which are awesome. Speaking of burritos I went to chiquitos last Friday and would highly recommend it. NOM!


  1. I went to chiquitos today and it was lovely!

  2. I wish I had such a decorative cactus..

  3. It is quite a funny comparison of accupunture with cactus and burritos but it is some sort of tru because both contain needles with themThat is why, I usually go to a chiropractor to get rid of my anxiety.

  4. Amazing article,
    Acupuncture was performed immediately before and after ET (ACU 1 and 2 groups), with each session lasting 25 minutes; and one 25-minute session was performed 2 days later in the ACU 2 group.

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